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This Allen Key Holder for the Pro Vest replaces the factory allen key holder, offering operators various helpful solutions.


Includes a thru hole of your choice to accomodate the allen key you keep on hand. Size options are: 5/32 (Pro arm), 3/16 (3A arm), or M5 (X-Arm).


Offered either angled or straight. The angled option allows the user's allen key to run straight down (parallel to the vest's center beam) when their chest strap is angled down. The straight option is similar to the allen key holder that comes with the Pro vest, but offers different sizes (Pro's default is 5/32).


*NOTE: Goofy operators can only install the "goofy" option if they have a true goofy vest, meaning the latches open on the operator's right side. Otherwise they would need to order the "regular" option*

**The straight options for regular and goofy are identical**


SKU: 36523641234523
  • Material: Black PETG

    Uses existing mounting holes and hardware

    Dimensions: 1.82" x 1.365" x  .71"

    Weight: .4oz / 11g

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