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A universal power solution for steadicam, ACs, and more!


The Serabyn Sandwich allows the user to power any gold mount compatible camera, monitor, or accessory via battery and/or XLR input. This opens up a world of power-ful possibilites!


- Zero power loss!

- Always passes through power from onboard battery

- Has an XLR input which allows you to power via steadicam, block battery, and more

- XLR input is connected to an on/off switch, allowing the user to determine exactly how and when power will run
- When connected to a steadicam via XLR, power runs both up and down your sled, leading to many possibilities...
- Allows on camera hot swaps with only a single camera battery by sharing sled power, or hot swaps on steadi by sharing camera power
- Allows you to run your entire steadicam with only a camera battery. This is a great option if you're running heavy gyros, etc, and want to lose excess battery weight on the bottom of your sled

- Allows Camera Assistants and more to hotswap their monitors between block and onboard batteries, allowing faster transitions between studios and location


  • Inputs: Gold mount and standard 4-pin XLR (offering universal compatibility)

    Includes a switch that toggles XLR power to camera on/off

    Outputs: Gold mount and 1 p-tap

    Material: Black PETG

    Size: 3.67" x 5.5" x 2"

    Weight: 8.6oz / 242g

    Designed by Nick Serabyn, wired by SJS Cables in Los Angeles.

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